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Noble... but ultimately a fruitless effort when you have an administation that won't even respect the sovereignity of other nations. Not to mention the administration's attempts to declaw and muzzle the citizens it serves.


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Won't even respect the sovereigntiy of other nations.

When have western nations ever done that, or any for that mater. It still is important because you can mire police and agencies in lawsuits when they break law. Which is an inconvinience for them and they often do follow the law at times because of that.


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Until the police and agencies pay for the lawsuits it doesn't really hurt them at all. So they might have to waste a few dozen man hours on the lawsuit. But so will you, and unlike them you don't get to say "whatever, it's tax money anyway" whenever you're told to chalk up a few million in damages.


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This has an immediate impact as it would make evidence gathered illegally inadmissible in court. Defense lawyers will give no quarter with laws like this.

I don't even know what the "declaw and muzzle the citizens" comment has to do with this story. I mean it's a certifiable fact but not relevant to the government's internal effort to curb its overreach. This bill only forces law enforcement to get warrants to use flying drones and has nothing to do with the populace at large.

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(b) PROHIBITED USE OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYS- 6 TEMS.—Except as provided in subsection (c), a person or 7 entity acting under the authority, or funded in whole or 8 in part by, the Government of the United States or by 9 a political subdivision of a State shall not use an un- 10 manned aircraft system to gather evidence or other infor- 11 mation pertaining to criminal conduct or conduct in viola- 12 tion of a statute or regulation or for intelligence purposes 13 except to the extent authorized in a warrant that satisfies 14 the requirements of the Federal Rules of Procedure and 15 the Constitution of the United States.

Nothing but a buzzword git who spews his spaghetti.


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You don't even know what you don't know.

jewel of a line from an otherwise irrelevant assburger