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Not sure if this story is factual. So far the only news outlet reporting it is the christian times, and the conservative tree house which had a post about the supposed murder has dropped the thread. Let's wait and see...


[–] ConquistadorCoronado [S] 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago 

Good point.


[–] flyawayhigh 15 points -4 points (+11|-15) ago  (edited ago)

Maybe you'd be believable if you weren't posting deceptive material on a regular basis -- material that you personally deliberately mislabeled for that matter.

But go ahead and personally apologize to everyone. :D

Edit1: If anyone wants examples, just go click on about any of this user's recent submissions. Obviously, this user knows exactly what he's doing.


No, I did not make a "character attack" -- it is an analysis of recent post quality. A "character attack" would be when someone says "cocksucker."

If did not want us "digging into" user history, Voat would allow a "hide" feature like Disqus and Twitter have.

If you actually "looked through the history and found only ... " what you found, then you didn't do a very good job. There certainly are totally deceptive posts **BEFORE ** this link. Put it this way. If it wasn't so blatantly obvious and overwhelming -- if I had to lead you around on the issue -- I would not have made the comment at all. We're not exactly nitpicking here. :)

One more thing: downvoating doesn't change reality. It just hides it. The same way denying that OP's recent submissions are full of absolute deception doesn't change that fact. You're not doing Voat any favors by acting so wrong and blind.

Nice try folks. :)


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It seems fake, but the picture they say is of the crime scene doesn't have any other hits on google image search.


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"The following picture allegedly was taken as police walked the crime scene north of the UIC Pavillion, where the Trump rally was held.

[The previous image was incorrectly reported. We apologize for the confusion.]"

Totally legit.


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It's completely fake.


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Chicago gun laws wouldn't allow this to happen