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Comment from Reddit

As a Canadian I can tell you that speech is no longer a protected right in Canada. We have hate speech laws that should concern everyone and under Canada's anti terror bill C-51 almost any form of human activity can be deemed terrorism if the government deems it so including speech.

I urge everyone on this sub to look into the case of Arthur Topham of Radical Press from Quesnel BC who has been charged under these hate speech laws for satire. Satire that was exposing things many of us on this sub agree with.

Whatever your beliefs are in this world of conspiracies this is something that effects every single Canadian. The Donald isn't looking so bad from my side of the fence , funny how the grass is always greener.


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The Donald isn't looking so bad from my side of the fence

The Donald cares nothing for privacy. He thinks Apple should have backdoors for the FBI, that the NSA isn't surveilling people enough, wants to be tougher on crime by giving police more power, and wants to shut down websites ("parts of the internet") based on their content.

I like Trump. I'll probably vote for him. But just because he's anti-PC doesn't mean he's pro-speech. If there's anyone who'll try to crack down on 'anti-American' speech, it's Donald Trump. Every other candidate (with the exception of BS) shares these opinions, so it's not as though he's uniquely authoritarian. But it behooves us to acknowledge that under a Trump administration, the government will continue, if not expand, its surveillance and criminalization of terroristic or seditious speech.


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The only reason I prefer Bernie over Trump. His economics suck, but right now free speech, privacy and campaign finance reform are I think the most pressing issues.


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Privacy - especially privacy from government agencies whose job it is to operate above the law - and free speech are two completely different things.