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I think drug laws in general violate human rights. It restricts research, which ultimately stops us from figuring out what the drugs actually do, what the benefits and cons are, etc.


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Your body is your own private property if you own ANYTHING its the meat on your bones. Why should anybody be able to tell you what to do with it, all drugs should be legal because drugs are your business and yours alone, nobody else's.


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That's all well an said, but when your drug addiction begins to affect the lives of those around you, or forces you to commit crimes to support your addiction...that's where we need to question the legalities.


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Ah yes, so it's better that we let the supply and distribution of these drugs rest in the hands of the most violent groups on the planet, so that they may handle the situation fittingly.

What do you think causes more harm in the world:

  1. Users committing petty or individual violent crime to access artificially expensive drugs?
  2. Drug cartels and the associated international corruption at highest levels of government?

Next question:

A. Would drug users still be committing as much crime if drugs weren't so expensive and would there be more funding for addiction rehabilitation if the market was legal and taxed according to the harm it caused?

And, so we can all be clear on this, humans really like drugs. They will keep taking them even if you threaten to chop their heads off.

Maybe, just maybe, a lot of people take drugs because they hate their lives enough that the risk of getting their heads chopped off is not a deterrent to temporary relief from their pain, suffering, trauma, loss, etc.

And that is the world we live in today. Call me when the Sinaloa opens a rehab clinic, because that is about as logical as your comment.

Edit: Also if anyone mentions eradication as a viable strategy, you're not the brightest bulb on the block. I'm sure they can take down that Beyonce photo whilst they're at it.


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Nope, your property your business, charge and addict with the crime he commits not the substance that made him do it.


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Their argument was too focused on harm when they should be promoting healing. Denying access to a drug necessary for health is inherently unjust.


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That depends. Do you expect society to help/care for you should you require aid due to your choice to use? If so, then society can adopt rules for such things that its members are expected to adhere to. If not, the rules are an unwarranted interference.


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Nope not at all.