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Let Me Tell You What Will Happen to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Other European Countries Over The Next Decade (v/Europe)

For you Europeans out there, all you have to do is pick up a book about the suburbanization of the U.S. and the decline of the American cities due to blacks. It's a microcosm of what will happen to Sweden, but it will play out the same way.

First, the Muslim and African immigrants move into the neighborhood. Since they have no money or jobs, they will be an immediate financial burden on the government. As the poorest of the poor, they will require the most social services which includes welfare, housing, medical care, etc. This is not free, so taxes will eventually rise for the native Swedes. The immigrants won't be paying any taxes. The native Swedes and Swedish businesses will be paying these higher taxes as the increase in social services drain the local government budgets.

And as these Muslim and African immigrants receive these welfare benefits, they will be breeding exponentially, supported by your tax dollars. You will have Muslim families with 4 or 5 children while your own people have maybe one or 2 children. This of course means more needed government housing to accomodate these immigrants. Crime rates, rapes, robberies, and murders will also increase. This is not paranoia. Historical crime statistics of Sweden over the past decade confirm the direct correlation of rising immigrant populations and crime, particularly rapes.

Then the native Swedes and Swedish businesses will eventually sell their homes and close their businesses respectively to move to better neighborhoods or even leave the country. Property values will fall further in these mixed Swedish-Muslim neighborhoods. These areas will not only become attractive to the government for cheap housing for immigrants but also to other Muslims and Africans. Eventually, these areas will become Muslim or African-only areas where native Swedes will have abandoned the communities for fear of living there or the high tax rates to pay for social services. The local towns' tax base will have left with the Swedes and businesses. The only remaining people will be the poor and unemployed who are not paying taxes but demanding even more social services. Local governments will begin to have budget shortfalls, but will borrow money just to sustain the unsustainable drain from social services to these poor communities.

Like I said, this is not hypothetical. This is history and common sense. It happened the same way to American cities when blacks moved in and chased the white middle and working class out of the cities. Look at cities like Detroit, Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore. Once white middle and working class. Now? Poor blacks, sky-high crime and murder rates, and huge government budget deficits. That is your future, Europe.

Oh yeah, your billion dollar tourism industry is fucked. No Americans are going to travel thousands of miles to see Detroit. Just one more drain on your government's revenues. Just look for upcoming articles about how tourism dollars are way down all across Europe this year. It's going to get worse.


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The worst part is that we pay for them to outbreed us, we live worse lives so they can procreate and take over, America is doing this with blacks and mexicans, while whites slowly fade away.


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Darwinism was defeated by social welfare so the least fit to survive in society are the ones who breed the most. :(

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This happened in the UK but I'm sure it's happening in Sweden too:

Ringleader of Rotherham child sex grooming gang jailed for 35 years - alongside two brothers

"Hussain is already said to have fathered up to 18 children and impregnated seven of his teenage victims, but became a paraplegic in 2005 after being shot in the stomach. He had attempted to use the disability in a bid to escape justice. But Judge Sarah Wright said the fact that he was well enough to apply for fertility treatment so he could have even more children meant he was fit to be tried. It is unclear whether the treatment was approved by the NHS."

EIGHTEEN FUCKING MUSLIM CHILDREN BY THIS THUG...all supported by the taxpayers. How are the emasculated Swedish men going to compete with that? Muslims have a plan. They are breeding armies right within the walls of their enemies. And they are breeding with the conquered country's women. Bye bye Sweden. Bye bye Europe.

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I always wanted to visit sweden as a tourist. Not anymore, hungary and switzerland look much more appealing right about now.


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I always wanted to visit sweden as a tourist.

Yeah, don't. I used to live there for a while and saw the start of the decline, it's much worse now. Here's what I want to say however, I do NOT think the Swedish should be welcomed here, they created that mess and now they run away like cowards. If they had any backbone they would have stood up for their country to start with.

We can blame Muslims all we want but the SJW like Swedes are the ones that were too weak to have said enough is enough.


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I wouldn't want to be a victim of a suicide bombing or other terrorist attack.


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Any guesses on about how many people would emigrate Sweden/Scandanvia/Europe?

If enough went to the United States, you could possibly see the white portion of the country increasing again. And if they include people who are lower-middle class, we could see European communities sprouting in currently declining cities like Buffalo and Detroit.

Which would make Sweden's Detroit worse than actual Detroit. Huh.


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You left out the part where, because they still have the money, the natives move back into those neighborhoods and price out the others, in a process known as "Gentrification." It's fucking awesome.


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It's happening in Vancouver but the only difference is that the houses are owned by ppl still in mainland China