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News like this warms my heart.

It was cruel to expect Muslims to integrate into the civilized world: like locking a songbird in a cage.

Muslims should be set free in the wild deserts of the middle east where they can wage endless Islamic tribal war and rape and steal and kill and howl at the moon without being constrained by the civilized laws of men and locked in cages for crimes they can barely comprehend.

Now these Iraqi "refugees" will be truly free to take a shit in the local swimming pool, rape women and children when their penis becomes turgid, acid attack their child brides and murder every last homosexual in the name of their flat-Earth-paedophile-moon-god.

The civilized world needs to remember two things:

  • We have no right to tell middle eastern Muslim not to embrace their Islamic culture of oppressing and raping and killing;

  • We have no obligation to save Muslims from Islam when they are being oppressed and raped and killed by Muslims who are as disgusting as they are.

"How'd like them apples?" should be our official response to every Muslim humanitarian crisis of their own making.


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Up to -35C on some days actually


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So much for the being afraid of getting killed in their home country thing if a little cold weather was all it took to convince them to go back.


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B-but all migrants lost their homes and family to bombs and just barely escaped the blast themselves. There's no way a large amount of them lie about where they come from only to get that sweet aid.


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Good fucking riddance to neolithic pedophilic rubbish.


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I've been thinking where I should move if western europe goes to the shits because of immigration, this confirms that the north - but not sweden, probably norway - would be a good idea.


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Are you sure they weren't like, praying? Because that is what it looks like.


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So why the fuck did you leave then in the first place?

If my country is so great I literally kiss the ground I wouldnt leave for wahtever reseon, in fact I'd be more than happy to die in it.

(But its dailymail, propably bullshit anyway)


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The grass is always greener eh?

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