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So in the article they say:

-They shot him nine times, including the face, even though all I had heard was three

-They said he had a gun, everyone else said they left their guns in case they got stopped by law enforcement . Seems smart. They also ran the serial on the gun and it wasn't his, it was stolen.

-There were bullet holes in the vehicle. This means they fired their guns before he even got out. This would also explain why he went from stopping to hitting the pedal the fuck out

This is fucking sick. Anyone who is ok with everything that has happend is either a shill or is completely fucking ignorant beyond their social media feed.

The irony of all this is that all of this shit was happening with the Hammonds while liberals freaked out over Making a Murder. I hope all these fucks get the cancers they deserve.


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Ya, and Obama didn't say shit.

And they let BLM burn down Ferguson and Baltimore.

White people are marked for genocide. They want us dead.

We're being genocided every way possible.

Mainly through massive immigration and lowered fertility though.

Economic systems too.. people don't make enough money to have 3 kids, 2.2 is the rate of replacement.

Minorities are happy to live off government assistance and shit out kids.


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It's possible this is a new war on protestant christianism


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Why would obama talk about a justify homicide?

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I've heard the same from real people, it's disheartening.

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