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I read the article and the original articleS through google translator. Looks like this story has it exactly right.

So after hearing of Sture's death, people who knew him talked about him on social media and his life leading up to his death.

What's true: Refugees are being given housing, Sture was a real person who froze to death after leaving the hospital bathroom where he had been taking refuge

What's misleading: the video does not show the exact inmigrants who got Sture's apartment - it is meant to contrast refugees vs natives, the photo of the person on the bench is not Sture - it is an unlabeled file photo

What's unclear: how accurate the discussions on social media are

What's nefarious: if you read the comments on the Swedish article (Nanashamn Post) you will see ones that relate to the social media discussions and how the newspaper wouldn't print them because it's "speculation". There are replies from the newspaper to some of the comments where this is mentioned.

@SuperConductiveRabbi you should consider revising your comment as there are legit sources. I didn't go diving into all the social media comments as I'm on mobile, but at first glance they seem to check out. Obv. I have no idea who the people discussing really are.


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When investigating it I used Google Translate, and the article in question is just a paragraph that simply says a man was found frozen to death. It was the English language article that created all those details, including publishing the fake photo and claiming that the man was kicked out of his home due to immigrants, was an alcoholic, was seeking shelter in a public toilet and then the hospital, wasn't allowed to get his jacket, and so on.

What social media comments are you referring to that provide actual evidence for the article's claims? Is it more credible than hearsay, and do they actually provide proof?

The only other information on this that I've been able to find is a follow-up article saying that a forensic examination will take place:


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This is also linked from the english language article.