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Is there any evidence at all to support the claims in this article? A police report? Interviews? Primary news coverage? Photo of the eviction notice and the man's name? All I see if a produced video of an African family learning how to live in the apartment, and a photo of someone on a bench in a blanket. If the person was frozen to death why aren't there photos of police, medical staff, and someone taking him away in a hospital gurney?

The article reveals incredible details about how he was evicted, a recovering alcoholic, was chased away from a number of previous locations, and wasn't even permitted to get his coat from inside the hospital. Given how detailed they are, they'd necessarily need a compelling source that gave them all this information. But there is none. They link to "Nynashamsnsposten" which has a tiny paragraph limited only to a man being found dead outside a hospital, and to "Avpixlat," which links back to the original Nynashamsnsposten article.

The original article doesn't even provide that photo, meaning that the embellishing site lied about that too. Don't believe me? That photo was taken on Jan. 5th in NYC

TL;DR: This article is complete bullshit and everyone fell for it. Fuck ""


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Asking the important questions here. Thanks. Glad to know this is a bullshit article.


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The truth about the fucked up situation in Sweden is damning enough, there's no need to lie, except to generate ad revenue with clickbait. I wish Voat had a way to rank a domain, so that future articles from them showed up with an indication as to their past trustworthiness.


[–] Novius ago  (edited ago)

What about this is untrue?

Although, I agree this is getting out of hand.


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Yeah the article seemed sensational enough to be bullshit... Maybe voat should add post tags. Things like [FALSE] or [LIKELY FALSE]


[–] Drenki 3 points 1 point (+4|-3) ago 

I read the article and the original articleS through google translator. Looks like this story has it exactly right.

So after hearing of Sture's death, people who knew him talked about him on social media and his life leading up to his death.

What's true: Refugees are being given housing, Sture was a real person who froze to death after leaving the hospital bathroom where he had been taking refuge

What's misleading: the video does not show the exact inmigrants who got Sture's apartment - it is meant to contrast refugees vs natives, the photo of the person on the bench is not Sture - it is an unlabeled file photo

What's unclear: how accurate the discussions on social media are

What's nefarious: if you read the comments on the Swedish article (Nanashamn Post) you will see ones that relate to the social media discussions and how the newspaper wouldn't print them because it's "speculation". There are replies from the newspaper to some of the comments where this is mentioned.

@SuperConductiveRabbi you should consider revising your comment as there are legit sources. I didn't go diving into all the social media comments as I'm on mobile, but at first glance they seem to check out. Obv. I have no idea who the people discussing really are.


[–] TAThatBoomerang ago 

This story does not seem to be made up. I will link two Swedish newspapers below reporting about the same incident. Just because did a horrible job at reporting about it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

The second link has several other related snippets about this story to the right of the webpage.


[–] A_Fringe_Element ago 

The article itself is irrelevant. Swedes are now aliens in their own nations - a few decades ago their women and children were safe to walk down the street without being violated by a room temperature IQ Somalian.

Sweden is occupied soil and in many ways worse off than if they had been invaded by Nazis. Their only option now is violence.