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Explains a lot, doesn't it?


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I am pro-cop and a veteran, that is why this high IQ cop ban concerns me. Being a police officer is not any easy job. The problem is when police departments cover up for the bad apples. To all the honest police officer of the world, thank you for your service.

"The owners of our country don't want it. "

Read rule 8 for truth suppression. I welcome censoring old news tag. Let the conversation on this important topic begin. Is voat going to have a reddit style old news rule soon? I will fight it if they try. The mainstream media is not going to control the narrative on Voat.


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Thank you for your service. I agree with your view on tagging posts. We all remember how the rushing river of censorship only began as a trickle on that other site. First come the tags which attempt to sway readers, then comes the rules that result in removals (regardless of how users may feel). Then comes the final stage - even more rules, which give mods complete control of the narrative, allowing them to banish content based on nothing more than their own biases and opinions. Never again.

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theyve brought the good ole boy system into the light, appears americans are finally dumb enough to accept it


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Just about everything.