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Get used to it. This is Europe's future. Centuries of wonderful architecture and art work will destroyed as the muslim invader assume control.

I hope you've already visited Europe if you wanted to, because it will soon become another shithole similar to to the middle east.


[–] onlinde_ducapch 1 points 44 points (+45|-1) ago 

new crusades when


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NBC makes that unnecessary. No, not the Marxist media conglomerate. Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons.

Military analysts said in 1965 that the ONLY way the US could lose the war in Vietnam was to allow itself to be drawn into a low intensity ground based war of attrition. So, naturally, that is what it did. The REAL Vietnam war lasted ELEVEN (11) days and consisted of Unrestricted area bombing by the USAF. At the end of the 11 days the Pentagon declared North Vietnam as a country to be "militarily ineffective". That's DoD jargon for they can no longer mount credible military opposition. The only step remaining to absolute victory was occupation by ground forces.

Compare that with the fiasco that has been going on for 15 to 25 years in the middle east (depending on when and what you start counting). In addition to destroying Iraq, the only secular government for 500 miles in any direction, we failed to secure Afghanistan, and have never even yet tried to restrain Pakistan - the main state backer of terrorism before Saudi Arabia ramped up its own efforts.

No. A better solution would be B1-B and TU-160 heavy bombers flying in formation dropping US and Russian weapons of mass destruction on the enemies of civilization. Then the leaders (Trump?) and Putin get on TV and tell the delusional SJW losers point blank:

"Yes, women and children were killed. LOTS of them. That's what makes war a bad thing. That's why you don't want to have one. Now sit down, shut up, and go study history so we don't have to explain this to you again. Oh, and math too so maybe you can get a real job doing something productive with your life".


[–] Iforgotmy_other_acct 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Pope Francis might surprise us. He was a bouncer in Argentina before taking Orders.


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This happened already in Cyprus. When the turks invaded the north hundreds of historically and culturally important churches and religious sites were either destroyed or turned into mosques. Quite disgusting really.


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a modern day example? you can just look at how well a 15% muslim population integrates with an 80% christian population....

hint: Christians are getting slaughtered like chickens

then a muslim gets appointed over the democratically elected christian leader - who then appoints another muslim in as prime minister


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Not that any place in the world will be better :). It's going to be fucked up over there in the States the same way things go downhill here in Europe.