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Now that this is out in the open, we should be wary of reports like this one. Not dismisss, mind you, just some healthy scepticism. More than a few people might be trying to jump on the victim bandwagon.

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I agree it's nice that people are acknowledging the problems of letting a million migrants into a country with no vetting. However, it is still best to follow a "trust, but verify" policy. Even if "victimization culture" isn't as prominent in Germany, there's bound to be a few people that try it anyways.


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The more people talk, the better. People being silenced is part of the problem


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I just wish people would read the quran... and then they'd know exactly what they need to do about the Muslim infestation...


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I'm not saying people shouldn't talk, I'm saying we should be aware of the fact that some people have the capability of lying.