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Put the entire family into the boat and have the autopilot take it into international waters. Then the citizen-planted bomb explodes creating a burning floating temple of death.

Let the sandniggers while listening to the screams of the children when the kids skin burns, crackles, and splits open from the heat.

OMG I'm going to hell for this violent reaction!

I'm normally a tranquil and peaceful person ... until reading of such abominations caused by the sandniggers. If I can't withdraw from this social chaos and center myself, I've got a few more thousand reincarnations ahead of me.

P.S. This questions goes out to the Western Europeans. These Middle-Eastern refugees seem worse than the Romani. How can this be?


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Who do you consider a sandnigger? i know many iranians that are athiests but still looked down on because of fuckn arabs.