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Honestly it creeps me out when people start talking about "the day of the rope". It speaks to me of mob vigilante justice, which is no justice at all. I don't think such behavior is any better than the ISIL thugs throwing gay guys off of the buildings. The difference is right now, you just talking about it instead of actually doing it.

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The only way to protect yourself

I can think of many better ways to protect ourselves instead of turning into a fucking lynch mob ready to hang people based on mere accusations, or perhaps at best a kangaroo court.

First off, police, judges, politicians and main stream media need to stop making excuses for these people and aiding in covering up their crimes. It needs to be talked about openly and honestly so we can start to address the issues at play and come up with decent solutions. Commit a crime more severe than a parking ticket? Go to jail, and then get flagged and deported no matter what your homecoming reception or family relations might be. That isn't our problem.

If countries want to offer refugee aid, then they need to stop letting it be an open door for everyone without documentation (and have better tracking on incoming people who do have documentation). Stop letting in more immigrants than your systems can handle. Stop letting in economic immigrants.

Not all Muslims are bad. But there are many with some extremely dangerous ideas about what is OK behavior. Hell, some of the terrorist are the children of immigrants, raised by a parent with extremely regressive ideas about right and wrong.

You want in? Then put in some effort to show that you will do the work necessary to fit in. Learn the local language. Mandatory classes on local laws, punishments, customs and social cues and how they differ from your original country. Don't like it? Fine, we'll take note and show you the door. If you can't stomach abiding by the local laws, then you are not going to fit in.

Some countries have worse political appreciation for the country they are trying to immigrate to. Maybe we just don't accept people from certain countries as immigrant except under very special circumstances. Maybe people from certain countries will require a more strenuous review. Start doing background checks, and verify their stories to see if it adds up.

The highly educated, financially self sufficient & people who fit in well go to the front of the line. People that need to be supported go to the back of the queue.

And the staff they will be dealing with will be gays, women, transsexuals, atheists and jews. If you can't handle treating them like an equal human being, you don't get in.

And maybe refugee camps should be set up in their home countries. Applications for immigration will only be accepted there.

There are many better options that what you propose.


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Yet it's the "natural" reaction of people, when nothing at all is being done to protect them.

The best way to not have mob justice, is to have actual justice doing its job. But when the governments, judges, police, and medias promote a situation and narrative that is actively harmful to the people, what do you expect ? To just passively accept and be a victim ?

Don't blame people saying that. Blame the politicians who created the powder keg.

Edit: I just saw this quote on a reddit comment (not deleted, incredible !) to express it better: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F Kennedy


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/u/alphawookie is just expressing how frustrated people feel. I personally don't want lynch mob justice. But something must be done, and it won't be done by our incompetent leaders at the federal OR state level.


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I think the first best step is to create better news media. One that is more trustworthy. Verifies their facts. Doesn't play favorites. Less corporate ownership. More people ownership, such as the Tampa Bay Times.


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These people always imagine that they're the ones holding the rope. If they happened to be so unlucky as to be the victims of vigilante rule, however, they'd be screaming louder than anybody that they need a judicial system that ensures their civil liberties aren't violated.