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Nobody would argue with a primary school principal for rejecting a job applicant from a man who proudly admitted that raping women and children is beautiful, yet this is precisely what EVERY Islamic sect, imam and mosque promote because Muhammad was a terrorism-promoting (quran 25:52, quran 3:151), sex-slaving rapist and a paedophile and they all claim that Muhammad's behaviours represent moral perfection as a role model that all Muslims should emulate (quran 68:4 and 33:21).

It is outrageous that Germany accept refugee applications from Muslims because ALL Muslims follow a terrorist-rapist-paedophile ideology and therefore qualify as human garbage.

Let me repeat that last part: ANYONE who promotes, participates or indoctrinates their children into a terrorist-rapist-paedophile ideology qualifies as a piece of shit and a member of a terrorist-rapist-paedophile network, irrespective of their apologetics or behaviours.


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Incredibly well put and researched.