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More detailed information: the two girls knew the perpetrators, celebrated together and then followed them to their flat in Weil am Rhein. So it's a different situation than in Cologne and Hamburg.

German article:

Archived translation:

Edit: there seems to be a problem with the archived translation. So here is a screenshot and the link Google translator link:

Update: There were four Syrian men and boys involved. One is 21 years old, one is 15, two are 14 years old. The girls only knew one of them. The 21 year old man and the two 14 years old boys were arrested for rape. The crime happened in the flat of the 21 year old man, who is a refugee. One of the 14 old boys lives in Switzerland, the other one in Holland.

German article:

Archived translation:


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Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. If rape is truly promoted in Islam, then it is all related. However, I can't believe that is the case.