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Now Hillary has decided that she stands with rape victims. “I want to send a message to all of the survivors,” she said. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice, you have the right to be heard, the right be believed, and we are with you as you go forward.” But the right to be believed didn’t extend to the twelve-year-old Arkansas girl who was beaten into a coma and raped. Hillary Clinton defended her rapist by hurling false accusations at the little girl, claiming that she was mentally ill and sought out older men. She accused the girl, who had been beaten into a coma, of romanticizing “her sexual experiences”. On tape, Hillary Clinton can be heard laughing about her client failing a lie detector test. She had known all along that it was the rapist who was lying. “Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” the victim said."You are supposed to be for women? You call that for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.”

CNN cuts people off when they bring it up....

This details most of the women

Some exciting excerpts are "Bill was a big fan of beauty queens, he bedded two other Miss Arkansas winners, Elizabeth Ward and Sally Perdue in 1982 and 1983. Ward claimed in 1982 that she was forcibly raped by the governor, but recanted those statements in 1998. Ward announced she did have sex with Bill, but it was consensual. Perdue said that she was threatened not to reveal her affair by several Democratic Party staff members ."

Another: "That was a busy year for Clinton. According to Capitol Hill Blue, he allegedly pinned political fundraiser Sandra Allen James against a wall and stuck his hands up her dress. She screamed so loud that the Arkansas State Police knocked on the hotel door and asked if everything was okay. When she told her Democratic fundraising boss about the incident, he told her to “keep your mouth shut.”"

But then Hilldog wants to turn around and claim that she is a Fighter for women and girls

In addtion to the laundry list of women he has accosted, there is speculation regarding his circle of friends.

Also, a book which details all of it, from the women, Benghazi, Lolita and the Clinton foundation.


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Hillary Clinton is a rapist enabler. She is as much a criminal as bill.


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Could not agree more. For as much as America crucifies a person for even a slight allegation of kiddie porn, and yet, here Bill sits. Unscathed, uninvestigated, uninterviewed etc. The justice system has done exactly nothing. But you can have your neighbors house raided with a simple phone call and a lie.