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Being from the PNW and living here now, I can tell you, reporters and people from Portland have a nasty dislike for farmers, ranchers, and rural folk of greater Oregon and Southern Washington. It's the most asinine thing, because when it's Farmer's market season, they flock for their organic, non corporate farm products, but at the same time hating and protesting their farms and the land and water they use. It's really really stupid. The farmers and rural folk here are great, educated people that put up with a lot, not a bunch of hillbilly inbreds that Portland likes to infer they are. I bet when the feds want the land or water their precious pot farms are on, they'll sing a different tune.


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I can concur. I live on a mountain top about three hours away from the nearest city in the same area. My five closest neighbors are: (2) PHD's, one retired Boeing Engineer, one retired Microsoft Director and one homeopathy doctor. Not everyone who lilves in the sticks is a hillbilly.

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If this had happened to a black community, to Muslims or to native Americans people would feel very differently. Because they're white, they're assumed to be the bad guys.


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Really great find OP. If this stand off continues for a while, I'll sticky it so people can be better informed.

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Thank you, @Typo