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freaking terrorists.

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They're both violent thugs.


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Literally... The protest is over the fact that two ranchers are getting charged as terrorists for clearing brush off of their property that is adjacent to BLM land (bureau of land management). I'm not sure I can blame them for reacting the way they have.

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[–] AlphaWookie 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago Wach the whole video. Big oil, big mining, and big ag (most US citizens do not know that the largest cattle company is now in now in Brazil due to mergers and they don't like American cattle farmers) are using the federal government to run ranchers off there land that does not want to lease land to big oil and big mining.

I agree with what they did was illegal but they have legitimate reasons to be upset. A couple was sentenced to five years in prison for a brush clearing fire that got out of control on there land and spread to federal land by accident. After they got an originally lighter sentence from a judge the federal government appealed the sentence because they were charged under terrorism charges and they got five years. The fire killed no one and destroyed no buildings it was a brush fire and they got five years, that is worse than most people that get caught with pot in a stringent state like Texas. Just so you know.

some counties in Oregon are 80%-90% owned by the federal government (actually it is all American citizens land) they are not allowed to develop there land thus develop an economy. All states east of the Mississippi have no idea how hard it is to develop land and an economy for large amount of Americans, unless you are well connected in Washington D.C. that is. The department of interior has needed reform for a long time so that average citizens west of the Mississippi can use the land without fighting Washington D.C. The political left does not want any development as they worship Mother Gaia, while the political right wants the federal government to relax controls, and finally big business wants to exploit the land without paying for the privilege and only wants to deal with the federal government instead of citizen property owners. This could have been avoided but the federal government is more concerned with other matters.

The thing I want everyone to remember occupy wall street failed the bundy ranch standoff was a success. The biggest difference besides ideology was guns. That at least shows the importance of the second amendment and guns when you disagree with the US government. If you are a liberal you need to support a strong second amendment at least that is the lesson I think all should take away.


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...possibility #1: douchebag #2: shill ....posibility #3: ?