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How about a site without clickbait ads?


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As more and more people use ad blocking solutions, more and more sites have turned to advertising even more obnoxiously to the shrinking pool of ad-blocking-solution-non-users.

It's an unsustainable solution, of course, but they're just trying to save the day. A sustainable solution might involve selling subscriptions to some exclusive content and/or merchandise (including best-of books, etc.) and/or accepting donations.

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"Invest" now means "google the name, install the addon at no cost", and people STILL don't all have it. It's ludicrous that anyone runs without uBlock Origin. The web is entirely unusable without it. Complaining about the ads at a link is like complaining that the window was maximized or something- that's on your end bro, I can't be expected to open it in a malware friendly browser to check it first!


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keep dreaming