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One bullet saved hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. We don't have to pay for him to live in jail. We don't pay for any kids that he would not have supported. And by taking violent thugs like him out of the equation we can maybe look towards one day reducing law enforcement expenses.


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Found the economist!


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More like "found the FBI agent".


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Good find!


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Sha'niqua and Ty'ne-sha are still going to have those babies, just with a different daddy.


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One bullet saved hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. We don't have to pay for him.

I don't know which "him" you are referring to, but it had better not be either of those two NYC cops who were murdered execution-style in Dec'14!!!


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I was talking about the thug who was killed at the mall. You know, the subject of the story that this thread is discussing. I have absolutely no idea what you are on about here.


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This is the same vile, racist nonsense, which has those lunatics in ISIS and Al Qaeda trying to get over here and destroy our nation. Hopefully, you can move away from your racist mindset one day.

Just because a violent Black thug wakes up one morning hollering "#BLM!" because he feels like it...still gives your racist ass no Right/no Liberty/no grounds to use him to define a Movement which he is not a part of.

The White-Supremacy posts in this type of thread, once again, are more proof of why ISIS and Al Qaeda are aching to get over here and give us racist Caucasoids exactly what we deserve for 400 years and counting.


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What part of the post you're replying to mentioned anything about race?