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part of the dream is having a pretty wife that you want to come home too. feminism has destroyed that dream. in 1986 i was in 3rd grade getting payed for a job i had helping delivering newspapers. how is that coming along now? see many 8 and 9 year old employed children? that wasn't so rare back then. so where are those great jobs? seems to me a lot of the blue collar market is gone, or if it exists it pays peanuts. oh but the same number of jobs are available you see, working at a steel mill for 18 dollars an hour is comparable to minimum wage at mcdonalds. nevermind that restaurant work used to be primarily a job for high school and college students.

it used to be if you were willing to work hard you could succeed. now if you work hard you can survive. it used to be that if you smart with your choices you could land a loyal pretty wife and a nice house. now if you are smart you won't get stuck with a divorce and her taking the house you worked for. the old dream is just that, a dream. it is not achievable to most people, and those that do manage to make it are more from luck than hard work (not that hard work isn't involved, but that just buys you the lottery ticket now).


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My dad has a saying; "The harder you work the luckier you become"


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that is true to a degree. it is true to the same degree as this. the more lottery tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win. but consider this, you are more likely to be killed by lightning than to win that lottery unless you buy a whole lot of tickets, and most people can't afford that many tickets anymore.


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The problem is that in a competition half of the people have to finish below average no matter how hard they work. That's just mathematical fact.


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My dad called it something different, growing up he said "Everyday you wake up and think "Fuck it." is a day you threw £3000 down the drain.".

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actually take care of themselves, exercise, eat healthy, sleep, drink/drugs in moderation, get educated, work hard, get a job that pays 100k by 30 yrs old etc. are pursued by EVERYONE greatly inflating their sense of self worth

Replace that with "man". No neither persons sense of self work is inflated beyond what it should be. A man or woman of this caliber should be seeking out an equal in life. I know if I made 100K by 30 I wouldn't be paying to support a fucking pizza driver no matter how beautiful he was. I can pay for a fucking stripper or hooker, male or female. When I want a partner it's because I want someone that can fucking match my level. The "shallow pool" you mention only exists because ugly people, fat people, poor people, whatever all think they can do better without being better themselves. Men and women. I'm nowhere near perfect by I sure as shit don't waste time on men that aren't at least living at the same standard I do. I don't have kids. I want them. Most men I've dated see my success in life as a way to have a new mommy to care for them, cook and clean and also bring in the kings share of the money. Fuck. That. Partners or GTFO.


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My newspaper is delivered by a 45 year old Mexican dude. The "economic migrants" have swamped a lot of the entry level jobs young Americans used to take to get their resume started.


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having a pretty wife that you want to come home to

So then what would you have considered to be the American Dream for women? Or are they excluded from it? I really don't think that it's such a bad thing that women are no longer expected to just be housewives. It's nice having other career options too you know? That being said I have never seen a woman berated for choosing to be a housewife either, if financially feasible (the exception being on tumblr of course).


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i think for women the american dream was to have beautiful children that loved her, a husband that valued her and provided for her, and both the time and resources to pursue her hobbies and interests on her own terms. why work on someone else's time when you can choose your own hours? women had it better than men before they were brought down a notch by equality. they still do but to a much lesser degree. if a woman is capable and talented as a male than she will succeed more than that male will. also even though women make on average less money than men, they spend on average more money than men. i think people forget to mention that last part, women have the privilege of spending men's money.