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  • Announces rape on twitter instead of at a police station
  • Tells how much it tears her up that her rapist is a self-proclaimed feminist, because the most worrying thing about a rapist is his ideology on social justice
  • Has a SJW history
  • Is promoting James Deen on her website


PS - for what a porn star getting actually raped looks like google Cytherea. You can be forgiven for never having heard about it since the media shut the story down hard because it didn't fit the narrative.

Deen kind of deserves it for being a feminist retard but hopefully he still sues the shit out of her.

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She actually did the same thing a couple years ago when she was fading, wrote some article about how her dad couldn't look at porn because of her, added some sjw brooding and was all over the internet again for a while. You can look at the Stoya google trends graph for a laugh.


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He is also a Jewish supremacist who openly believes that Jews are better than everyone else and that we should be their slaves. He has said in an interview and I will find the link and post it when I do.