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Vey worth reading, and very probably true. It's a horrific crime -- the true horror of it is only matched by ISIS itself. What a mess!


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Holy shit turkey is fucked up




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His name reads like a Diablo villian


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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/26/2015 19:55 -0500

Seems legit


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I'm not into conspiracy theories, 911 truthers and I'm not pro-Russia anything nor do I care if by 20 connections somehow Dick Cheney is connected to x-y-z therefore a lizard but seriously now:

  • For far far too long Turkey has been a fuckhead. They are strangely arrogant and overconfident. They are somehow getting themselves into NATO and the EU while showing little or no loyalty, interest in trying and way too often some fucking terrorism bullshit points to someone in Turkey.

  • I dont claim to know WTF is going on in every detail but ISIS savages Kurds + anyone else and holy pigshit they surely must hate secular infidel Turks with a passion and yet every other week somehow Turkey isn't just standing around doing nothing but IS SHELLING REBEL KURDS FOR FUCKS SAKES. Now Russians who are clearly ending ISIS.

Somehow again Turkey just has this quiet way of saying 'Fuck off We do what we Want' and again strangely nobody argues with it, reminds us to leave the Turks alone, the Turks go back to their 'Fuck off and Die' existence.

I have no special hatred for Turkey and again not a conspiracy theorist and just watching them for years during this and is someone going to finally start pushing them around, reminding them to smarten up or whats going on here?

*I will laugh if Russia arms the shlt out of Kurds who then 'annex' 1/3rd of Turkey as their own. Seriously Putin feel free to make that happen.


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Since this is Thanksgiving (Turkey Day) in the USA I think we should raise our glass to Sumeyye Erdogan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's daughter. Such a humanitarian! Sumeyye has arranged to care for, of all the people who need aid, Jihadi murderers and rapists. What an angel! Sure, they will get fixed up only to return to murder and mayhem in the name of their mono-crop dogma, but they will do so knowing that kind people can't discern the needy from the meany! That's got to count for something? Delightful!

Face it. Bilal and Sumeyye Erdogan are the children their father fashioned. The entire family is supportive of ISIS and the Jihadist drive behind it. But get this. One powerful family is certainly a concern especially as this family has such influence over a powerful state. But it is far worse than that in Turkey since 11/1/2015 where Erdogan's AKP Party ("Justice and Development Party") won a mandate to rule the country. Turkish football fans booing the silence meant to pay respect to the dead from the Paris attack can no longer be thought to be a minority position.

Turkey is now an Islamist State.

So when you carve your dinner roast today, picture it as a affirmation of the disconnecting of the Turkish State from the civilized world and from NATO. When you dis-articulate the wings and legs from the body, visualize that you are naming and disarming and neutralizing of the Jihadist movement both in Turkey and in the Western World. Because we cannot begin to truly fight Islam and its cult membership until we can name it and summon the resolve to fight back!

ISIL terrorists treated at hospital headed by Erdogan daughter: Nurse July 21, 2015

"The daughter of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been running a “secret” hospital where wounded ISIL Takfiri terrorists, who are fighting against the Syrian people and government, are treated, a nurse says.

The nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that the secret military hospital, headed by Sumeyye Erdogan, is located in the southeastern Turkish city of Sanliurfa, Global Research, an independent research and media organization, reported.

The 34-year-old nurse revealed that the hospital provides extended medical care for the wounded Takfiri militants who are transferred from Syria.

The nurse further said she had worked at the hospital for seven weeks, adding, “Almost every day several khaki Turkish military trucks were bringing scores of severely injured, shaggy ISIL rebels to our secret hospital.”

“We had to prepare the operating rooms and help doctors in the following procedures,” she added.

“I was given a generous salary of $7,500, but they were unaware of my religion. The fact is that I adhere to the Alawi faith and since Erdogan took the helm of the country the system shows utter contempt for the Alawi minority,” the nurse added.

She implied that the Turkish government’s stance on her faith was the reason for leaving the hospital.

The nurse said that she had seen Erdogan’s daughter several times at the site of the hospital before her decision to leave the medical center.

The nurse also rued the day she joined the hospital and said she was now afraid of being arrested by the Turkish police and intelligence service....(cont'd)"


"Happy Thanksgiving!" from novictim, the atheist "Islamophobe"


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Turkey should never have been let in to NATO. Expel it.


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Still fails to address the US helping ISIL sporadically


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Is Bilal a variant of Belial, the ass-fucking rapist sect that battled the Israelites in the time of the Judges?


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Belial (also known as Beliar) is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as the Devil in Jewish and Christian texts.

I became familiar with Belial after listening to Venom.

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