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[–] XAPHAN 32 points -28 points (+4|-32) ago 

Inventing everything Leading the way in abolishing slavery Curing diseases

I am white. I think white people are awesome. You may be funny, but you are wrong.


[–] InnatelyAcidic 4 points 17 points (+21|-4) ago 

HAHAHAHA, I didn't waste my time reading the source material you cited, as you failed to preface it with an argumentative statement outlining their purpose. That, and the URL is more than enough to hypothesize the level of your idiotic pseudointellectualism, you fucking shill. "How the blacks freed themselves from slavery..." You've got to be fucking kidding, right? Last time I checked, blacks didn't revolt, there was no slave uprising, or rebellion, as there were in every other race's historical servitude. They'd continue to be in the field, if left to their own devices; if not for the intervention of those ideological, yet misguided abolitionists. Blacks, and self-hating whites are so quick to forget that the negro sold themselves to the European slavers, African kings were treated as equals, and willingly sold their own people to the slavers. ( to Africa now, and what would you find? Blacks living in shanties, and huts, as they have been for thousands of years. European colonization is the only reason there are small pockets of civilization, which are ever increasingly being reassimilated into the familiar African shithole slum. If blacks freed themselves, why the fuck did 600,000 whites kill each other abolishing it? Hmm? I'd punch you in the fucking face if we were toe to toe. I know, I know, internet tough guy, right? That doesn't make it any less true, though. "I'm white..white people are awesome..." That's weird, I'd have thought you'd have phrased the sentence to include yourself, since you qualified it with, "I'm white.." For example: "I, myself, am white; being white is awesome!" you'd have included yourself if you were actually white, also, you wouldn't have felt the need to qualify in the first place, and no actual white person would say some shit like that. You're either a nigger masquerading; shilling. A Zionist Jew shilling, or worst of all, a white cuck, SJW shill, getting on your knees for your masters. Whoever you may be, I pity you. Muslim's, historically speaking, are responsible for more slavery than any other race/religion. Enslaving both black Africans, and white Europeans, alike.


[–] XAPHAN 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago 

I was going to reply with something witty and scathing, but honestly, I could not have made you look any stupider that you have already done for yourself. Thanks.


[–] CervicalStrike 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

It's funny how the one-drop rule, goes out the window when speaking of black accomplishments.


[–] DeepFriedPickles 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

So, a handful of black people invent something and that suddenly means that white people haven't invented anything? right because inventing the super soaker puts you on the same level as someone who invented the steam engine. Not to mention that of the ~900 Nobel prizes awarded only 15 were awarded to blacks.And none of those were in sciences. So it seems the most important inventions and discoveries were made by white people.


[–] XAPHAN 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Pull your head out of your ass. What I was saying was .. Whites did not invent " Everything ever invented " Whites were not the only ones trying to abolish slavery. Whites are not the only ones in the field of medicine.

looking back at my comment.. I am trying to find the part where I said white people have not invented anything. I don't see it. Also looking for the part where I was questioning who's inventions and cures were more important. I can't find that either. Maybe you should become an inventor. You are so good at inventing things people say out of thin air. Also I was only using Blacks as an example, because those statistics were quick and easy to look up, and post.