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She first used pink and purple Legos to try to attract the girl students to play with the toys, but she found this ineffective.

Despite her malicious efforts, the girls still aren't interested in legos. It's almost as if, just maybe, that girls and boys have different interests. Most boys like legos, while most girls like dolls. However, some boys like dolls, while some girls like legos. The teacher claims she is pushing for gender equality, when in reality she is punishing boys from being boys. There's no mention of the boys trying to stop the girls from playing with the legos. She should be fired, but instead she'll be viewed as a hero on the internet, and receive a raise in real life.


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In addition to that, she further expands on her idiocy with "The teacher says that Lego play helps with development acceleration and math skills, while dolls offer little challenge or opportunity for growth." I'm pretty sure that playing games with dolls improves ones imagination and empathy via placing oneself into other roles.


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Legos will serve to help the young boys grow up to be young men who waste all their time playing Minecraft.

Dolls will serve to help the young girls grow up into young women who waste all their time playing The Sims.


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not to mention help with social skills later on


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In her own words she is deliberately hindering the boys' development in math skills.

This woman has no fucking business anywhere near education. The job of a teacher is to educate, not to deliberately sabotage the education of certain pupils because of their gender.


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If you give children sticks and cans they become guns and bombs or magic wands and telephones. Children have good imaginations and can repurpose any toy to suit what they are playing. Dolls are no different.


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she'll be viewed as a hero on the internet

Not off to a great start.


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wait what was deleted in this thread? censorship from voat much?

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I have a 3 year old boy, and if there were an all boys school near me (there isnt, I've looked into it) he'd be going to it because this kind of shit scares me. Don't stifle my child's imagination, and stop him from what he enjoys doing in the name of political correctness.


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I'm not a boy but I would have gone out of my way to NOT play with pink blocks as a little kid because 'eww that is girly'