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I sometimes get ahead of myself :P

But yes, you're absolutely right. This really does deserve outrage
However: we really need to be outraged for the right reasons.

This is the result of a near 50-year old policy put in place by conservative administrations (ratified by Nixon, later amended by Reagan, as specified by the WP article), to combat a very real problem they themselves not only defined and treated as criminal, but might also have been not only a part of, but also fueling.

They should not be allowed to first create the problem, then later say "we told you so" like they have with the war on drugs, or similarly like they have with national debt: Lower taxes to constrain gvmnt spending, take loans to balance the budget, complain about the newly created debt.

This is not an example of "big government gone too far", this is another example of a certain party whose policies too often only work in a fantasy world.

Either the nations police departments receives funding from fair and sound taxes, or they get their funds from "other sources", eg forfeitures, private donations or subscription plans.
One works and is fair, the other is a crate of TNT on fire.