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"[The autism rate] has come up from 1 in 10,000 in 1970 -- so that is already an incredibly alarming change," stated Dr. Seneff during a recent interview with Next News Network. "I got worried eight years ago when I was seeing it rising, and people were saying, 'Oh, it's just more reporting, more diagnosis' -- that's a way to hide the evidence."

This is bullshit and ignorant of the facts. Asperger Syndrome wasn't even identified until 1981, and it took ten more years for a good translation of Hans Aspergers work establishing autism as a condition to come out in English, because until that point his work was considered tainted since it was done under the Third Reich. Of course the diagnosis rate of autism is gonna go up when you go from a few specialists knowing about it in the 1970s from the German/Austrian original material to 20 years later and today where there's actual research available and entries in the DSM for any English language doctor. Autism in 1970 was called "infantile schizophrenia" in the English world and confused a lot of different concepts that we don't associate with it today. The definitions of the two eras are incommensurate and not comparable apples to oranges like this quack wants to do