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Good for them.

This self hating, divisive, victim narrative obsession has done absolutely no one any good. Study female authors. Study the feminist movement. Yes! These are historical movements that had a positive role. But don't meld that into a self hating bullshit analysis of our Western democracies.

Study feminism but do so as part of a historical critique of Western Liberal values with comparisons to the rampant oppression meted out by Islam in societies that are Islamic. We in the West have nothing to be apologizing for, not if we take a macro view of the situation. The West has brought liberalism and feminism into being based on our values within the Golden Rule. We cannot lose sight of that truth.

The Feminist Critique often gets blended into the "oppressed native" model. Who ever holds power or advantage are the defacto villains.

Did Cortes do a bad thing to destroy the bloody Aztec empire? Hell no. The Spaniards had Indians signing up left and right to kill those fuckers. Historical revisionism with a self hating bent is no longer amusing and we should not confuse it with actual historical fact. If you judge as "Imperialist" the Aztec collapse (what irony!) then you had better judge the AZTECS and their bloody empire.

You take a closer look at any of these "noble savages" in the Americas and NONE OF THEM look even remotely likable or morally superior. Yet this is exactly where Feminist History melds with the oppression narrative to arrive at a distorted and unfair/unethical political theory against the "White Male Hierarchy". Poles don't need that toxic and poisonous distortion being validated at their educational institutions. Blind self hatred and a slander of one's historical figures has never been the source of true progress and of success for a nation.