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subjects within medicine, psychology, and sociology had it covered anyways, so this is just chopping off redundancy.

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Sister was sociology major, can confirm.


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The sociology program at my faculty was actually practising actual science without biases. They were researching things like urbanization, effect of religion on family size, the relationship between agriculture and human society or how does public communication changes in times of war.

I wonder where the "Sociology" of "White privilege oppression corporations are hurting us all" is coming from. Maybe it is endemic to US?


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You could contrive similar argument about any area of study.

Engineering is useless because all the principles have been applied previously and are well understood. Medicine is useless because all people die at the end regardless. Physics is useless because most of it never gets applied to products. History is useless because everything they study is already done and gone.

The only thing this demonstrates is that YOU don't understand the purpose of academic study.


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A redundectomy.