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No, you can't come in. Get a warrant.

Isn't that the point where they should've gotten a warrant rather than kicking in the door?

Maybe I'm thinking of some other country.


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Yes but, to most cops he said/she said is enough "probable cause" to toss your rights into the trash. And for some reason the courts keep backing them up on it.

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"Probable cause" is not the measure to enter a home it's "exigent circumstances" basically if they hear someone screaming for help or if you have an escape chopper landing on your roof then they can come in warrantlessly. However the usual way is to trick someone into giving them permission.

The real problem is there is no criminal punishment for bill of rights violations. The worst thing that will happen is any evidence found in the home will be thrown out. They wont even throw out the whole case.


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It's the out of control ego. He shut the door in the cops face, and so they had to "show him who is boss."