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If you feel the need for a safe space while at college, you're not old enough to be at college. Your safe space is back at your parent's house.


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I say let some college have their "safe space." If people want to pay for a bad education, let them. All the meek and feeble minded will go there, become weaker and less confident in their ideas, achieve nothing, and get out of my way. I'll find my education somewhere else, among people who aren't afraid to be disagreed with.

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That's not fair for the people who went to college so they could learn enough to get a good job and feed their families.

Not all of us have parents who make $8M a year, after all.


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And they're sick of your shit, so you're just going to have to go get a shitty minimum wage job like the rest of us did.

Good luck with this "safe space" bullshit when you're completely replaceable.