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Diversity is Good, Diversity is a Strength, Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful.


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Diversity would make the Middle East more peaceful.


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Liberal here!

Exactly, but also, any harmful ideology is a harmful ideology. Generalizing things is bullshit. If someone is going to generalize all Muslims as bad, we should properly step back and combine that with all religion, especially considering the atrocities every other religious group has commit in the past or is actively doing today.

When I assess these things, I look at them all as ideologies, collections of ideas that people live by. The frightening thing about religious ideologies is they're normally faith-based, existentially motivating, and wide open for fascist leaders or anyone else to manipulate in order to control people. I mean, fuck, if faith is the cornerstone of religion, American Christians should be aspiring to be the mirror image of those fucking sand negro zealots if most of the laws of the book are judge.

So where do we go from there? With enough thought and consideration, the good parts and real parts within any religion are humanistic. As with most other ideologies, things that are humanistic tend to be the most valuable. People treated as inherently valuable are(I would argue) far more likely to value themselves and extend that self-value to others through positivity and support.

We need to be teaching people about reality, empathy, honesty, human nature, etc. Not trying to demonize natural variation and natural desires/actions. American Christians have a very dulled version of the self-hating societally-masochistic bullshit that Muslims bask in. In this case, I say fuck the lesser evil too. We can do better.


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okok anti-racist Hitler


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