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In other news, female police officers file lawsuit against criminals.

"When you run from female police officers and we can't catch you because we weren't required to be physically fit for this job, that's discrimination. We ask that all criminals WALK SLOWLY away from the scene of their crimes at a pace that allows both men AND women to catch you, regardless of physical fitness."


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Criminals discriminate. Unwilling to be caught in equal numbers with females versus men cops.


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you do realize about 40% of police officers are already obese and probably have trouble catching up with criminals? Time Magazine


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I think most of us do. But none of this(fat or woman) is a good reason to relax standards even more.


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Yeah. I was shocked to find out that not all PDs require an annual pft. I just assumed it was kind of like the military. An officer at Arizona State who is also a prof is huuuge. The guy is out of breath just walking up stairs.

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Grounds for a civil rights suit in my book!