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You are either delusional or grossly misinformed.

Cops brag about the kind of bullshit they pull, going by what I overhear when they think they're speaking in private. (They usually have shit hearing so they don't realize how loudly they talk at the bar.)

From personal experience, I've was riding with a friend when he got pulled over on the interstate. The cop ordered him out of the car for some reason and because traffic was so loud my friend couldn't hear what the officer was saying (didn't help that this friend was in a band and also had shit hearing), but yeah, he almost died that night because he couldn't hear the instructions from the officer to put his hands on the car. I was in the passenger seat and didn't really know what was going on and was totally freaked out when the officer pulled his firearm out because that usually means they are ready to shoot. Pulled over for a busted tail light and no, my friend was white.

Not a cop cop, but saw a DEA raid once where one of the guys start running. Agent chased him down, tackled him, cuffed him, then walked him back to the where all the vehicles were, making sure the guy "accidentally" ran into every street sign on the way back.

Not brutality-related, but certainly misconduct: had a break in and called for someone to come out and take a report. Dude who arrived was either on speed or was just roid raging. Normal people are not amped up the way he was.

Police malfeseance is rampant and I'm not one to condone the shitbags in society that make their jobs worse. But it seems their leadership is dead-set on defending their counter-productive tactics. Shit's been going downhill since Vietnam.