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If that was the case then they would give to charity, which they rarely do.

That's a pretty stupid claim. Got a source to back that up?

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Sorry, I must have missed the part of any of those articles where it says atheists rarely give to charities. Can you please point it out for me?

Also, when you don't count churches as charities you'll notice that non-thiests can actually give more. Oh look what was in one of your articles:

Churches are among the organizations counted as charities by the study, and some states in the Northeast rank in the top 10 when religious giving is not counted.
When only secular gifts are counted, New York climbs from No. 18 to No. 2 in giving, and Pennsylvania rises from No. 40 to No. 4.


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On a personal note: My neighbor (an older jewish widow) is having some hard financial times.

One of the local CHURCHES gives her food from their foodbank. The religious orgs really DO give a shit.