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while atheists believe that they have to help their fellow man because there's nothing greater to help them.

If that was the case then they would give to charity, which they rarely do. Unless they are filthy rich like Bill Gates.

I think religious kids are harsher because they have a moral dicipline they follow and expectations that other people hold a certain standard.


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I went to Catholic school for 9 years - kindergarten through 8th grade. Morally disciplined is not a phrase I would choose to describe my classmates (or myself, for that matter), back then. I think the term you're looking for is sheltered.


[–] paidshill 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

It really depends on what your morals are. I went to Catholic and public school during my childhood, and I didn't really notice much difference of how the students treated their peers. Kids at the Catholic school had much more respect for authority though. I was put into a bunch of advanced classes when I switched to public school. The quality of education was much better at the Catholic school because everyone was afraid to be disruptive during class.

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If that was the case then they would give to charity, which they rarely do.

No offense buts thats a large broad statement. Do you have any source for that?

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If that was the case then they would give to charity, which they rarely do.

Do you realize that most church donations go into the pockets of the clergy and their family of "helpers" and pay for church maintenance and pay for lawyers to defend pedophile priests, right?


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Even as a basic atheist I agree with what you said. I think the higher standard I hold people to is in fact due in some part to my religious upbringing. As far as the charity contributions go, I would believe that too but it's easy to see why religious people give more because a. They do it so often as a group activity and are coerced to do it, I'm not saying this is bad but it's true and b. There are a lot fewer charities that an atheist would seem worthy of contribution because so many of them are religious too. But you make good points. I feel even atheists in America should acknowledge the good about our country's main religion.