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I'm not suggesting using only Slimgr, and as for features the alternatives will only get better when they do get traffic. Also, Imgur could be dangerous for you or other Voaters as they have targeted those they dislike before.


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I guess I should have made my reply to this post.

I'm aware of the crap that Imgur does including that DDoS scandal. The problem is two fold, currently Imgur is better than pretty much all of their competition. Imgur also has higher server capacity.

I tried with Slimgr and Sli.m or whatever the new version is. I've even messaged the devs about features.

In the end I'm not going to rehost Imgur content, but I will direct link it. When I'm load images myself I'll use something else.

Hovering previews extensions are also important to me. Currently I use Imagus and having a image host that works with this is a serious convenience.