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Nope, sounds about right considering who makes up the vast amount of reddit users.


[–] morrwin 2 points 75 points (+77|-2) ago 

Not to mention the new trend of SJW media to give pedo's a pat on the back if they have the same liberal view!


[–] Tumbtack 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

As far as I'm aware, the whole pedo acceptance movement in SJW culture was originally a project by the chans to fuck with people; I remember seeing shit about it a few months ago on 8ch /b/ and now it's happening so I can only imagine that's what happened.


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trying to make paedophilia "normal" or part of mainstream culture has been quite a long term project. You see it rear it's head more recently with some of Shia LaBeouf's sick fuck video( with that kid along with whatever they're showing on Nickelodeon these days.

The last time it was done in the UK was in the 70s/80s where you had people like Stephen Fry who wrote a play and is also married to somebody who looks like he could be his son:!_or_Tobacco_and_Boys They then coordinate with organisations like NAMBLA or some variation of manboy kiddy fucking and also other artists. Anyway, look into this stuff a bit further and particularly look at the ethnicity of high profile paedo cases:

Jared Fogel Jeffrey Epstein Lord Janner Leon Brittan

Watch this comment get buried, I made a similar one that can be cited sourced and backed up if you do a bit of research yourself but the JIDF trolls would prefer to keep people in the dark about what else Jews are greedy for outside of gold coins and that's fucking goy kids.


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im a transgender bisexual trans racial American that identifies as a Somalian and i find this comment racist bigoted and transphopic. please leave your employers contact information so i can ruin your career


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I'm transgender and I fucking love voat. I've been looking for 'ruthless' non-pc type reddit for years. Those pansy's over there can't even handle wiping their own asses without some kind of oppression going on.


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So you are a burntsausage?


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They are on Voat too