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Why are the police allowed to be Judge Dredd. I honestly don't care what color the police officer is, or what color the person being abused is. The police in these country are the type who shoot first and ask questions latter. We need actual police reform. If a bad gun comes into my house, his ass gets a bullet. If the cops wrongfully raid my house while I'm asleep, I end up like that 107 year old.

Police kill a man raiding the wrong house.

Police shoot man who called them.

Police shoot dog at the wrong house.

Police shoot a 107 year old.

Police rape girl

Unarmed white man shot by police

Police raid Mayor's house and shoot his two dogs.

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I agree its probably only 20% or less in which racism is a motivator. Then by racializing it, the media created BLM which is calling for killing police. I want to reform the police system not burn it down. Instead of reform though a lot of people are looking at the BLM chanting death to the police, and deciding that the police brutality is acceptable.

Thus the media coverage there is no real reform for the police, people have begun believing that police brutality is a necessary evil, and we now have the BLM burning down stores, killing, looting and just causing general mayhem.