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This is actually an interesting case. A specific occurrence of gun laws prohibiting him from expressing his right to bear arms without first forsaking his religious freedoms. Interested to see how the court handles this.

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I don't know do Amish people take any issue with fingerprint databases? Personally they scare the shit out of me but that didn't stop my public school from requiring every student to register their fingerprints to pay for their lunch.


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The narrow question is, does he have a Second Amendment right to purchase a brand new gun from a dealer rather than a used one from a private sale? It doesn't sound like he needs an ID to bear arms once he has them -- at least in terms of Federal law.


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This situation seems kinda bullshitty, though - certainly the rules differ from enclave to enclave but Amish are allowed to make use of technology when it provides a clear benefit to their community. They justify making phone calls when necessary, as well as riding in cars... IMHO the onus should be on him to find a way to justify the acquisition of a photo ID, that satisfies his religious beliefs.


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Perhaps a drivers license without him actually pictured and a written explanation in its place? Obviously such a license could never see broad use for fear of being sold to literally anyone, but it might work on a case by case basis.


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Well we have plenty of people, especially Democrats, saying that it violates your rights if you have to show an ID to vote. This is another constitutionally protected right that requires an ID.


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Humm interesting


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Let's see here white male complaining about a legitimate inustice. Yeah he's not going to get shit