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Can't wait for armed groups to start actually attacking American police.

They aren't even being targeted now, and all they can do is cry and beg.

No wonder they weren't man enough to join the military.


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I've seen a lot of dumb opinions on this site but god damn you don't think more than 1 turn down the road. If armed groups consistently targeted police officers then you can look forward to Martial Law and curfews. Thanks but no thanks I like being able to go out at night and do whatever I like. Should violence continue then the National Guard would be brought in to patrol the streets in full combat gear and vehicles. Again, I'm A-OK not having an APC roll down my street for patrol.

As a side note, many former military members join law enforcement in fact their even given a bonus on entrance exams so as to encourage military members to join.

Do police need an overhaul in culture and mentality? Absolutely. But if you think hunting police is the answer you need to get off Voat or Reddit and go outside and realize police officers aren't running around trying to kill people all the time.

Last note. I think it's a little ignorant of Tarantino to participate in an anti-police rally when his life-style is maintained by the protection that police provide. Without the police disadvantaged people or thieves in general would break in and steal his valuables at first opportunity.


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I'm pretty sure Tarantino couldn't give a shit.


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oh, no! a police union boycott! they'll lose dozens of dollars! dozens!


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Well, I haven't heard of a new Tarantino movie, but I couldn't ask for a better endorsement than cops hating it. Police in America are nothing than just another criminal gang.