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Assange is still an enemy of the state. I wouldn't mind seeing him in prison for life considering how blatantly he's manipulated the stuff he's been leaking with the sole purpose of slandering American patriots who stand up for the values of our nation and endangering lives in the process. Cocksucker.


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Anybody who still stands up for the state deserves what's coming to them.

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these days 'patriot' means sucking the cock of the 0.01% as they squeeze the last drops of productivity out of you whilst heartily belly-laughing.


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American patriots who stand up for the values of our nation

You mean torturers who break the human rights and international law and at the same time removes freedoms of the American citizens and do surveillance on them? What kind of values do America have? Against freedom and human rights? Anyone standing up against freedom and human rights are considered patriots? Well, good thing they were exposed to the rest of us who are not blind "patriots"