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The data in the first link requires special user credentials, but just from that graph, women are getting bigger pay increases over time than men are. That could be because they're hiring more women, or it could mean that job titles are shifting around. While they do mention "job category", there is no mention of specific jobs, and what different people with the same titles make compared to each other, and there is no mention of what the sex breakdown is for the State Department. If the calculations that they did are anything at all like the one that finds that women make 73% of what men make, or whatever that statistic is, it's all of the wages that men make compared to all of the wages that women make. If you factor in the CEO's wages in a company with the rest of the workers, and calculate what women in that company make compared to the men, whatever sex that CEO is is going to skew the results. Let's say whoever calculates it puts the CEO in "management". Even if all other managers in that company are the opposite sex, it's still going to be skewed towards the sex of the CEO. This isn't rocket surgery, and OP should be ashamed of falling for such an old and verifiably false myth.