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I make less than 15/hr. I got by on 9/hr for years. In my experience in the poor parts of town, living with roommates, pissing my money away on weed and shots at bars, I have concluded that most of the "poor" are doing better than barely surviving but are piss poor at managing their money and spend it on stupid shit because they want to live beyond their means.


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$9 * 8 hrs/day = $72/day

$72 * 5 days/week= $360/week

$360/week * 4 weeks = $1440/month

$1440 * .75 tax (-25%) = 1080/Take Home


Rent - $500

Water & Electric - $150

Food - $250

Gas - $80

Car Insurance - $75

Health Insurance - $50

Phone Bill - $50

Necessities (soap, paper towels, toilet paper, detergent) - $20

-------------------- =


Just to afford even the most basic necessities to live working 40 hours a week you're already having to budget, and this is making more than the national minimum wage. This leaves $0 for savings and $0 for emergencies. What happens if your transmission goes out, pop a tire, radiator blows? We're not slaves, we don't need to work our asses off day after day just to make enough to survive so we can keep our job, it's completely pointless which makes everybody miserable. What's the point when you're just working to make billionaires even richer?

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Health insurance $50 try $250 or $300


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This post right here...... I rarely see comments like this, idk why but this is 'real talk' right here.

$500 rent is like cheap/normal for lower to middle class right? Then the utility bills, ya gotta have that.... You need food, you need gas, u need insurance, u need to check ur health, u need a phone to communicate for jobs and emergencys, u need internet, u need necessities..u have taxes....surprises that you have to suddenly pay for...

Now what are you saving up too, whats your goal? A person cant do shit like this, they are stuck and theres not time to even have a 'life' are working for someone else as a 'slave'

People say get better job, well yea so when everybody 'get's a better job' then whats gonna happen there? Everyone's gonna be upper class? People go to college and earn a degree and still fighting for jobs unless its a doctor or something maybe..

Edit: and I wanna mention there are other ways to be successful and climb the ladder, but if everyone starts doing that, then everyones on the same level at that point.

Whats everyone else have to say about this?


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I rode a bike. Also my rent was closer to 350 a month and 50 for utilities. Phone bill, I used google voice. Free.


[–] Lemongarb 9 points 14 points (+23|-9) ago  (edited ago)

I lived on $5.90/hr just 15 years ago.

I think nowadays people expect to have an iPhone, XBox, a new SUV, etc.


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Honestly, if we live in a world where working 40 hours cannot afford you a smart phone and a console, that's kinda shitty living. I lived with roommates and made under $10/hr two years ago and I was fine covering both of those and really, really expensive car insurance because my parents are generous but expect me to personally maintain whatever I own. Granted, living as a single adult in a one bedroom is more expensive than taking roomies.


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I dunno for the US, but here in Canada, a lot of grocery stuff has had it price doubled in the past 2-3 years only. The fact that you lived on 5,90 15 years ago means exactly nothing.


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I dont think its everyone. There are needs such as a phone and internet. Might have to go prepaid if anything and have crap internet but those are essentials for the majority of people in todays world. job applications? apply online....."oh I wanna apply here in person" Sorry ya gotta do it online. (just an example)


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People expect to take care of themselves and others without any luxuries. A lot has changed in 15 years. A LOT has changed.


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most of the "poor" are doing better than barely surviving but are piss poor at managing their money and spend it on stupid shit because they want to live beyond their means.

I find this pretty fucking hard to believe. If someone is making under $10/hr, hell I'm sure $12/hr is the same, and they can somehow afford a car, car insurance, gas, rent, utilities, food, phone, fucking hopefully internet, all without having to bunk up with a roommate or dodge bullets on their way to their car, I'm sure they'd be perfectly fine with a couple hundred spending money a month to actually fucking do anything with friends out there in the world, you know, act as fucking healthy consumer and all that... BUT WAIT, who the fuck could make $10/hr, be self-sufficient, and have enough money left over to actually enjoy life? Most people can't do that. So they turn to shitty momentary vices. There's statistics and sciency shit to prove it happens. Poor people give in more to cigarettes and whatnot simply because their lives are so fucking void of meaning that they need that momentary addiction to distract them from the reality of their endless suffering at their shitty job and the unimpressive life they're leading.


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I think the big issue is not really for single people, but with people with children. If you make near minimum wage and have any dependents; you're basically fucked. Many poor people mismanage their money, but even if they did perfectly manage they still wouldn't be able to afford decent housing, health insurance, healthy food , etc. I'm not saying that the minimum wage should go up to $15; I'm simply saying that if you have any defendants and make $7.25 an hour your screwed.


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I see what you did there lol.

Also if you have kids before you can afford them you shouldn't have bred.