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Why fight it? Middle class people are greedy and ignorant. They want to cannibalize the economic machine America uses to keep us on top. Even the poorest among us are part of the world elite. What's welfare like in China/India/Russia? How's healthcare? How's the quality of life? Finance and state being in bed together is an optimal arrangement. Every time an oil field opens, a mine for rare metals, as freshwater dries up, who's gonna be dropping the big bids?

Also consider how motivated and success-driven a society is gonna be if everyone's set for life as soon as they're born. Consider what's gonna happen, geo-politically, in this age of nuclear weapons, if the American empire falls. Are you aware how historically unprecedented a peace this long-lasting is? Do you trust people who've known nothing but opulence and peace all their lives to keep this asymmetric balance of power going? I'm glad the middle/lower class is safely tied up in tedious bickering instead of banding together to neuter the military and financial sectors.


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Typing this from China. It's awesome. Should have left the west sooner.


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Firstly, if that is truly the way you feel about the middle class, and not simply a trolling facade you're putting up for reasons known only to you, then I'm pretty sure I'm not the person to attempt to change your mind on this.

Second: I'm a dreamer. I have nothing. I have no education. I have no means of obtaining one. Whatever skills I may have, no job is going to hire me if I don't have the certifications and degrees to back up those skills and knowledge.

All I know is that there are truly brilliant people who are marginalized in society not because of race or gender, but because of poverty. Their only way out is a minefield of debt and unknowns, and to a mind that has only known poverty, that is a harrowing, almost impossible feat to attempt, with failure resulting in perhaps the complete ruination of your foreseeable future.

If we want to fix this country, then those who are struggling to shine need to have easier access to the resources and knowledge that will help them shine the brightest. With a nation of skilled, confident people who know what they're doing, how could we possibly not improve America as a whole?

So what if we don't know what we're doing yet? The fuckers that came before us don't seem to have much of a clue either, and supposedly they're 'in the right' on everything.

And peace? Look around you man. People are dying and suffering in squalor the world over. We could change that if we'd just drop the pretenses, cut the leashes, and went to work. The fact that people are dying of hunger and disease and internal strife, militarized conflict on Minor scales, means we are NOT at peace.

The fact that every nation in the world is spying on each other and their own citizens tells me we are not at peace. It tells me we're just a stupid move away from World War 3, and its time to step the fuck down.

I'm not saying dissolve our military, I'm saying bring it home and perfect it. We can build an armed force that would be enough of a deterrent to see to it that no one would ever fuck with the united States again, without throwing weaker, lesser nations into a endless lesser wars.