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A few complaints about this video: First, the speaker suggests that there is an organized propaganda front like that seen in the USSR. She says that elites are driving a narrative the way that Stalin and his party did. However, until she names these elites this sounds like nothing more than a conspiracy theory. We can name Stalin, we can name Trotsky, the citizens of the USSR knew who those elites were. Why can't the speaker name the leftist elites who control our present day media?

My second gripe is that the speaker is woefully blind to the failings of her own group. She claims that conservatives don't try to control thought. She even says the religion is a buffer against the state, religious institutions being one of the main protectors of individual thought. That is laughable. Religion has always tried (and succeeded) in homogenizing thought and behavior. The speaker says that one of the ways that the left enforces thought norms is by subjecting dissidents to personal isolation. Sound familiar? This is exactly what religious institutions have always done to blasphemers and nonbelievers. Excommunication is the classic example. Unfortunately, the speaker has taken a universal issue, denied the culpability of her own group, and sandwiched this into a left/right dichotomy that doesn't really exit.


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Amen. Political Correctness is the modern Doublespeak and Doublethink, and its pushed in one form or another by both sides.

My guess as to why she isn't naming names and pointing fingers is because, while her claims may be valid, the evidence to support them simply isn't obtainable to her.

If there's a ruling elite conspiring to transform America into a new Orwellian State, then we have to accept the possibility that these people have learned how to cover their tracks, to hide the truth, and that they have the wealth, power, and prestige to go to whatever lengths necessary to hide what they are doing.

In an information age such as ours, this wouldn't be that difficult. Keep the public divided by feeding them small lies and half truths, stirring social issues up to distract from what can't be easily swept under the rug.

I hate to say this, because its the sort of thing a fundie would say to justify their faith, but just because we have not found the evidence to support the theory, does not mean the evidence is not out there somewhere.

How do we go about tracking that information down? I don't know. It's the sort of thing more gifted, better trained minds than mine are suited for.

All we know is that something smells rotten in Denmark (USGOV), and that it's gotta be coming from somewhere in house.

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Why fight it? Middle class people are greedy and ignorant. They want to cannibalize the economic machine America uses to keep us on top. Even the poorest among us are part of the world elite. What's welfare like in China/India/Russia? How's healthcare? How's the quality of life? Finance and state being in bed together is an optimal arrangement. Every time an oil field opens, a mine for rare metals, as freshwater dries up, who's gonna be dropping the big bids?

Also consider how motivated and success-driven a society is gonna be if everyone's set for life as soon as they're born. Consider what's gonna happen, geo-politically, in this age of nuclear weapons, if the American empire falls. Are you aware how historically unprecedented a peace this long-lasting is? Do you trust people who've known nothing but opulence and peace all their lives to keep this asymmetric balance of power going? I'm glad the middle/lower class is safely tied up in tedious bickering instead of banding together to neuter the military and financial sectors.


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PC culture has replaced organized religion as the new religion of the masses. I agree with everything you've said. Organized religion wasn't any better, and now that everyone's turning away from it, it's being replaced by something that uses the same control patterns the church used. Shunning of blasphemers, attempts to control thought and speech by making people feel bad and shaming them, and zealots responsible for proselytizing and spreading the good word all over the world.

Everywhere people finally break free of the church, it seems like they end up running to something equally as insidious. Maybe the masses just like to be manipulated and controlled? Maybe they like being told what to think, what to believe in, and what to do and say. Giving up their decision making capabilities to people they think are better qualified and more knowledgeable might give them a sense of security. Someone's gotta steer the ship in the storm, and they don't want to do it, they might mess up.

I'm not saying it's one person controlling it, or even a group collectively controlling it, but it's many people all over the world with the same personality traits falling into the same patterns of thinking. It starts with a few people in academia and government having an idea 30 or 40 years ago. A few individuals gravitate toward them, listen to them, and then spread their words to others. Other people that want something to latch onto, latch onto it. It spreads, more teachers, more media personalities, and more regular joe's start to follow it. Soon you've got 10000 different groups all over the world with their own little cult leaders all preaching the same thing. The people at the top like being at the top, the people at the bottom like being at the bottom, so the cycle continues. Yesterday it was religion, today it's PC culture, tomorrow it'll be something else.


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Yep, progressivism is the drop-in replacement for relgious belief.


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Let's also not act like the right are the only ones affected by PC culture after all PC culture was used to kill Occupy wall street


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It's the same people who backed Lenin and Trotsky


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