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Nobody can rebut what you're dishing out.

Not because they can't, its because you're one of those people. I don't hate the migrants cause they're Muslim.

It's quite simple really. ISIS said they were going to send migrants laced with jihadis... And they did. That was a flagrant "you're white, and you have a bleeding heart... There's no way you'll say no"

When in actual fact, that's what it should have been.

White people are ruining this world with their PC and their feelings and their "my kid has self esteem issues, can he have a trophy for showing up?" I'm ashamed to be white, for we created this environment.

Oh and as my last point.. ISIS and al quaeda are AMERICAN creations. There's a reason why America hasn't been affecting ISIS...because they've been bombing the SYRIAN ARMY.

Don't hate the Muslims. They react just like misandrists do - with the feels. When America comes in and fucks with everything, is it their fault? When America plans 9/11 with the israel and saudi, the blame fell squarely on ex CIA asset Osama.

This problem goes deeper than your typical hatred of whites. They have a reason ( if not a programming by the US to give America a reason to go into the middle East and weaken the states further so israel can take over)


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Don't hate the Muslims.

Please give me one good reason why civilized people shouldn't be united in their opposition to Islam and the human rights atrocities it promotes?

Please provide one good reason why Muslims haven't earned the disgust of civilized people by embracing the bestial-violent-rapist-pedophile ideology of Islam?


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Because y'all Americans fucking forget, but islam once lead the world in scientific research (while the rest of the world was acting how Muslims are now) and technology. Then the Mongolians fucked that up, didn't they?

Furthermore, before the AMERICAN coups in the middle East (iran,most notably) they WERE MODERATE. Women could wear dresses, and not be covered. Moderation reigned supreme.

But guess what? Iran wanted to nationalize it's oil, murrica didn't like that. So they coup'd the leader and created the Iran we know today.

America also created textbooks to radicalize Muslims against the Soviets back in the day, text books that still exists and still contribute to this extremist ideal.

America created ISIS to oppose Assad. Do you remember how Obama said they were going to arm the moderate rebels? ISIS are those rebels.

America is doing nothing, except creating terrorism and doing just enough to keep the military industrial complex fed and happy. That is it that is all.

You have to understand the root of the problem in order to understand it. American imperialism is the problem. Until it's people see that their country IS the problem (not part) the sooner they will wake up and take their country back.


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You shouldn't be ashamed to be white. Instead you should ask what group manipulated the narative through years of indoctrination of schools, followed by non stop onslaught of press and media, shaping the views of the sheep into believing that their feelings and esteem trump all things.


[–] Amateur_Wizard 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I am 100% ashamed to be white. And not for the egregious killing back in the day either.

This PC "protect self esteem" bullshit is what gets me.

Fuck white people and your self esteem, pussyfag.


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Nobody can rebut what you're dishing out.

That's because what he is saying is truth