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Reminds me of a Portlandia skit where Carrie erases her social media life and her friends ignore her. People probably think it's social suicide. Heck, they probably don't even think twice about why posts would be censored.


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People kept telling me when I deleted facebook my social life would wither into a husk and Id die alone. The look on their faces, seriously. "Oh my gawd, shes deleting facebook... does she know shell die?"

Turns out I traded 500 shit acquaintances that never did me any good for a small group of actual friends that Im encouraged to see regularly to meet my social needs. Its is infinitely better than the plethora of not-really-friends and endless cycle of feeling low after reading their highlight reels then trying to impress them with my status.

Facebook is literally the worst thing to happen to community in our generation. ignore your real neighbors, work to impress your online acquaintances and know as many people as possible on an incredibly superficial level. No thanks, Zuckerburg.