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The "last chance" movement to catch 'em all before they die started way before the crisis though. I always thought that it's a waste of resources because even if they find any nazis still around it's just people over 90 who probably can't even wipe their own asses by now and at the very best these people will be transferred from the old people's home to a prison where they will require the same care anyways.

It's a bit of a grey area: On one side the victim of a crime shouldn't be able to sit idly for 70 years before taking legal action, as it will only get harder to prove anything and it puts the accused in a situation where they cannot clear their name. On the other side the passing of time doesn't undo/erode a crime by itself.

Even worse, in this case it's just a radio operator. At this rate any and every German taxpayer between '39-45 should be prosecuted for funding death camps.